Biomedical Data Visualization

Quantification of Cellular

Organelle Size


Designed for undergraduate students, this illustration visualizes the quantification of organelles of a typical mammalian cell.

3D 메디컬 일러스트


Scale at the sub-cellular level is often misrepresented in textbook illustrations, which may lead to students developing misconceptions about the structure of cells. Furthermore, information about the scale and properties of organelles is fragmented and difficult to find. This illustration aims to provide students with a more complete understanding of the structure and composition of a typical mammalian cell.


To achieve this goal, I built the 3D model of the cell and organelles based on proportions and dimensions as published in Cell Biology by the Numbers (Milo and Phillips, 2015), and recent articles. A graphical legend and colour-coding scheme were designed to link the central visual with the scientific data, and a simple black background was incorporated to draw attention on the data visualization.





BMC Technology 2: 

Data and Information Visualization


Andrea Gauthier


Undergraduate Students


Print, Poster 


Pixologic Zbrush
Maxon Cinema4D
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator










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