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Designed for an educated lay audience, this molecular illustration shows the biomolecular structure, function, and mechanism of action (MOA) of a promising cancer suppressor, VS-970.


DNA-damaging agents are a cornerstone of cancer treatment. However, their effectiveness is limited by the DNA-damage response in cancer cells. ATR, a protein kinase, is a critical regulator of this DNA repair pathway and is a novel therapeutic target for drug design.


I created this two-page spread for a popular science magazine to illustrate the mechanism of action for VX-970, an ATR-inhibitor and cancer suppressor. I summarized ATR suppression into five steps showing the mechanism at both microscopic and molecular levels. A combination of colour-coding scheme, depth of field, and simplicity in background design were used to enhance communication clarity.





Biomolecular Visualization


Derek Ng


Educated lay audience


Print, Magazine

two-page spread


UCSF Chimera
Maxon Cinema4D
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator


Media Audit

Preliminary research



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