Trained Professional Medical Artist

Master of Science in Biomedical Communications

University of Toronto, Canada

의료 애니메이션

Communications Focused

메디컬 3D 홍보영상

Creative Visual

바이오 3D 홍보영상

Industry Specific

Experience in Pharma & Science Communications

의료 애니메이션

Eli Lilly and Company

Medical representative

메디컬일러스트 전문가 과정

Master of Science in Biomedical communications

National Institute of Health Research scholar

W20 Group, Radius Medical artist

Thrombus 1_1_00000.png
과학 일러스트레이션

Professional Association

Medical Animation & illustration Awards


The highest salon award as the judges’

choice for best in show amongst all the entered biomedical visual artwork

메디컬 일러스트 수상
메디컬 아트 수상

The highest honor scholarship 

awarded to an outstanding Korean heritage individual with highest capabilities

Ministry of foreign affair.png
3D 과학 의료 홍보영상
메디컬애니메이션 수상

The highest annual merit scholarship with highest academic  achievements in the field of visual communications in the health science

Inside of a cell.sum2_verticle flip.jpg

Medical Animation / Illustration / Communications

제약바이오 일러스트
medical illustration

Academic Activities

Presentation / Lecture / Publication

Speaker, Special Seminar, The Institute of Biomedical Communications, 2021, Korea Giving a seminar on the benefit of developing a medical art portfolio Exhibitor, KAMVA Annual Conference, 2021, Korea Showcasing biomedical animation and illustrations Lecturer, MA in Biomedical Art, ICU Graduate School, 2020, Korea Giving a series of lectures seminar on 3D biomolecular visualization techniques Speaker, Special Seminar, MA in Biomedical Art, ICU Graduate School, 2020, Korea Giving a presentation seminar on organizing and designing a medical art portfolio Coronavirus Illustration Publication, KAMVA & FELIXVIS, 2020, Korea Publication copy right free public domain illustration demonstrating SARS-CoV-2 Exhibitor, KAMVA Annual Conference, 2020, Korea National Cancer Center, Showcasing biomedical illustrations Speaker, Special Seminar, MA in Biomedical Art, ICU Graduate School, 2020, Korea 2019, Korea Giving a lecture on biomedical visualization production process Presenter, KAMVA Fair, 2019, Korea Korean Association of Medical Visualization Artist, Seoul, Korea, Giving a presentation on visual strategies for cellular and sub-cellular visualization Exhibitor, AMI Salon, 2018-2019, USA Milwaukee 2019, Newton 2018, USA, Showcasing medical illustrations as a graduate student studying biomedical visualization Speaker, UNCON, 2018, Canada Biomedical Communication Alumni Association, Toronto, Canada, A presentation on NIH reserach on 3D model creation from embryo serial sections Exhibitor, NIH Summer Poster Day, 2018, USA National Institute of Health (NIH), Bethesda, USA, A science poster exhibit showcasing research on 3D models creation from Carnegie embryo UTMJ Cover Publication, 2018, Canada University of Toronto Medical Journal (UTMJ), 2018 Jan. Vol 95

Featured in Article

AMI News, 'Up & Coming: Felix Donghwi Son', Link AMI Facebook, Student Best in Show Winner for Still Media, Link Vesalius Trust Facebook, 2019 Inez Demonet Scholar, Vesalius Trust, Link


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